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  1. Dates may be reserved no sooner than three years prior to the English date of the Bar Mitzvah Shabbat (“Beginning Period”).
  1. Dates can only be reserved on the calendar by members then in “good standing”.
  2. Reservations will not be honored for members who are no longer in good standing.
  3. All dates reserved within ninety [90] days of the Beginning Period (“Primary Reservation Period”) will be treated as though made on the same day and any conflicts will be resolved under Section C below.
  4. Notwithstanding the above, families can resolve any conflicts on their own subject to any and all other rules of the Irving Place Minyan and so long as the resolution does not exclude any party with a conflict.


  1. Hebrew birth dates and the corresponding Bar Mitzvah must be confirmed with the Rabbi.


  1. Conflicts arising from more than one Bar Mitzvah having the same Shabbat, and scheduled during the Primary Reservation Period, are to be resolved according to the following order of priorities:


  1. Bar mitzvah that is bo bayom. Thirteenth Hebrew birthday falls on Shabbat.
  2. If no Bar Mitzvah is bo bayom, the child with a birthday closest to Shabbat in the week of the upcoming Parsha has priority.
  3. If Bnei Mitzvah are born on the same day, the Parsha will be split between the Beni Mitzvah.
  4. Any Bar Mitzvah that falls out during the week or on Shabbat will have priority over a Bar Mitzvah choosing a Parsha other than the one corresponding to the week in which they were born (“remote”).
  1. If two (or more) families select the same remote Parsha, priority will be granted on a first come first serve basis.


  1. Aliyot/Baalei Tefilah
  1. IPM will do is best to accommodate all Aliyah requests by the baal simcha subject to the following limitations:
  1. There are no hosafot.
  2. IPM minhagim on who can follow whom must be observed and honored.
  3. No more than three aliyot and maftir are “promised”. Anything more is as gabbaim are able to accommodate and are subject to change at last minute based on chiyuvim.
  4. Baalei Tefilah offered by the baal simcha must be reasonably qualified and there is no guarantee of any requests being honored.


  1. Kiddush
  1. No member making a simcha of any kind is required to invite the entire congregation to a kiddush in the SOI ballroom with the following conditions.
  1. Any simcha that reserves the IPM minyan shall be required to sponsor an IPM basic Kiddush in the Anne Falk room for the entire Shul.
  2. Any simcha that elects to use the Anne Falk room for part, or all, of their Kiddush must include the entire congregation.






As part of our agreement with SOI, we have use of the Anne Falk room every Shabbat for our Shul kiddush. If an IPM member wishes to sponsor the weekly Kiddush in the Anne Falk room there is NO room fee, and the kiddush will be setup by Kiddush Committee as long as the following procedures are followed:


1. Contact Esti at the office at 516-323-7070 or email Steve Wilkowski our kiddush committee coordinator, can be reached at to confirm the desired week is available for sponsorship.


  1. Contact one of the four (4) member caterers and arrange for the kiddush. All food and payments arrangements are done directly with the caterer. Our four (4) member caterers are:

           Abe Fuchs. -

Elisha Block -

David Abikzer

Joel Baruch -


  1. Any member that sponsors a Kiddush held in the Anne Falk room directly after IPM davening must invite the entire congregation.


  1. Use of the Anne Falk room for a private kiddush on Shabbat is NOT permitted during the IPM davening or directly after. Any private use of the Anne Falk Room shall take place after the IPM kiddush is completed.


  1. If a member is making a kiddush in the Anne Falk room that includes a non-member caterer or hired staff through any caterer, this will NOT be considered a drop-off kiddush. Once confirmation is made with Esti and/or Josh (see above) that the Anne Falk room is available, arrangements for such a kiddush must be made with Harriet Gefen at Sons of Israel at or at 516-374-0957 and may include a room fee.


  1. All reservations for the Anne Falk room outside of Shabbat kiddush or for any reservations of the ballroom must be made through Harriet Geffen at Sons of Israel. There is a fee for use of the ballroom, IPM members receive a 20% discount. Please note: reserving the Anne Falk room or the ballroom with SOI is NOT the same as reserving the Shul for your simcha. That must be done with our office in accordance with the BM-Simcha Policy above.


Room Fee: Listed below are the room fee charges by SOI for use of the rooms at SOI outside of a drop-off kiddush.


Sat. p.m., Sun., holidays with service or buffet

SOI Ballroom $2,200

Anne Falk Room $1,100

Panel Room $350

Auditorium $350

Additional: $200.00 Maintenance fee


Fri. night/Sat. am

SOI Ballroom $1,100

Anne Falk room $850

Additional: $100.00 Maintenance Fee



SOI Ballroom $1,200

Anne Falk Room $800

Additional: $100.00 Maintenance Fee


All room rates are subject to 20% discount for IPM Members.



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