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Masechet Megilah Project

Congratulations to the participants who completed Masechet Megilah!!





For anyone interested in tackling Masechet Megillah on their own time...

Click links below for the shiurim. 

Daf 2A

Daf 2B 

Daf 3A

Daf 3B

Daf 4A

Daf 4B

Daf 5A

Daf 5B

Daf 6A

Daf 6B

Daf 7A

Daf 7B

Daf 8A

Daf 8B

Daf 9A

Daf 9B

Daf 10A

Daf 10B

Daf 11A

Daf 11B

Daf 12A

Daf 12B

Daf 13A

Daf 13B

Daf 14A

Daf 14B

Daf 16B

Daf 18A

Daf 18B

Daf 19B

Daf 22A

Daf 22B

Daf 23

Daf 24A

Daf 31A-B








Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784